WOW Unconditional Love: Lady Joins Her Boyfriend To Sell Coconut On The Street-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Love in its simplicity is pure and unconditional. It survives and rules in a less supportive environment.

The story of two lovers who are defying all odds and moving shoulder-to-shoulder to sell coconut on the streets of Kwadaso, a suburb of Kumasi is giving a new face to love.

The pain of poverty and uncertainty of the future doesn’t discourage their enthusiasm to live together.

Even on the streets, Esther Amoako and Samuel Kofi Mensah don’t conceal their mutual love.

They are just 22 and 24 years old respectively.

They have both completed Senior High School but were unable to further their education because of financial difficulties.

The lady completed Twidiem Senior High School in 2018 and Mr Mensah also finished Aburaman Senior High School at Abura Dunkwa – the same year.

The lady says she loves him because he is hardworking and he does everything he can for a living.

“He also treats me so nicely.”

How they met

A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in moments when you struggle to love yourself.

Before they met, both worked with two different organisations. While Mr Mensah received GHC400, the lady had an income of GHC750.

But as the love birds were getting more financially stable, a storm hit. Both lost their job the same day.

“We were fired the same day,” he said.

Now, they dedicate a lot of their time on the streets selling coconut to further their education.

It was her savings that got their coconut business started.

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They make at least 70 cedis a day and hope the market will grow.

She has plans to further her education at the nursing training college; it is the reason he wants to save more to support her.

Though their relationship is only three years old, the lady says it is more profound to help her man to grow in wealth than to drain him into poverty.

It is said that loving and being loved unconditionally means taking a leap of faith. So the measure of love is to love without measure.

That’s why they have been lovers unconditionally.

The greatest gift they want to give each other is the space to be themselves, without the threat of any of them leaving.


Watch the video below for more :

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