Wonders As These People Take A Litre Of Fresh Cow Blood For Breakfast

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Surma People, otherwise called the Suri individuals live in the southwestern fields of Ethiopia. They raise dairy cattle and ranch when the land is fertile. Cattle are important to the Suri, giving them status.

The more cows a tribesman has, the richer they are considered. All together for a man to wed a lady in the Suri clan, he should possess in any event 60 cattle. Dairy cattle are given to the family of the lady in return for marriage. Like, different clans, the Suri will drink the milk and blood from the cow. During the dry season, individuals will drink blood rather than milk. Blood can be depleted from a cow once per month. This is finished by making a little cut in its neck.

The Suri is similar to the Mursi clan and practices similar customs. The ladies wear lip plates that are made out of the dirt. The men in the clan battle with sticks called Dongas. Both people scar their bodies. If you see a Suri man with a scar, it ordinarily implies that he has killed an individual from a rival clan.


Lip plates are a solid piece of the Surma culture. At the mark of adolescence, most ladies have their base teeth removed to get their lower lip punctured. When the lip is penetrated, it’s at that point extended and a lip plate is then positioned in the opening of the puncturing. Having a lip plate is an indication of excellence and the greater the plate, the more cattle the ladies are worth. This is significant when the ladies are prepared to get married

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