Wife Poison Husband’s Child From Another Mum, But Ending Up Killing The Whole Class Of Pupils With a Cake -WATCH VIDEO/PHOTOS

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This world is full of evil, people kill without thinking about the effect it will bring to the society and the families of the deceased.

According to a video sighted on social media all students in a particular class were lying dead which leave all the family of the deceased in a state of shock. According to the report a student brought a cake from home which was given by a stepmother. As we all know student with cake every one must have a share of it.

The young students ate the cake which was brought by one of their class mate. According to information a stepmother of the student who brought the cake poison the cake.

The aim of that woman is to kill her husband child but ended up killing the whole class but ending up killing the whole student in the class.

In the video a lot of people where shock and surprised to see this sad incident. The name of the school is yet to be identified but a according to the video the students were in green tops.

Parent please advice your children to be extra careful when they are not at home.


Please click on the link below to watch the video



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