What Kind Of Massage Is This? – Massive  Reactions After This Video Surfaces Online- [WATCH]

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The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body’s pain via eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and swelling in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help reduce pain.

However, what this massage therapist and his female client were recorded doing beats the imagination of people who came across their video. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the lady is wearing only bikini pants and has used a white towel to cover her ‘melons’. The guy is also wearing a short Nika. The guy was seen massaging this lady by attaching his body to the lady’s body. This propelled some social media users to ask about the kind of massage this massage therapist is doing.

According to some internet users, the massage therapist is taking advantage of the lady in the name of massage. Others said that how the massage therapist is massaging the lady is too romantic. At a point in time, the lady was also seen rubbing her hands at the back of the massage therapist.

Check out some of the reactions from some social media users who came across this video:

You can also watch the video through the link below:



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