Watch This Viral Video Of A Guy Captured  ‘Grinding’ A Lady Seriously On The  Roadside Which Attracted Peoples Attention -[WATCH VIDEO]

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Weekend in Accra is very entertaining. Most people after hard work from Monday to Friday use their Saturday and Sunday to release some stress and enjoy themselves. Some will tell you that weekends are for ‘chilling’.


Checking the screenshots from the video in this article, a guy is seriously grinding a very beautiful lady with a huge backside and ‘melons’.

Where they were captured dancing seems to be a party organized by the roadside, but these guys were not shy of the people passing by



Initially, they were dancing facing each other, but the lady got so excited that he gave her backside for the man to grind. The man also held the waist of the lady and wind his waist. The lady was seen bending down and making the grinding so sexy for the guy.


The dress worn by this lady was showing much skin, so the guy can actually feel the raw skin of this lady’s backside.






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