Watch The Moment Many Rush To Pick Money After Dollars Fall Out Of Bullion Van-[WATCH VIDEO]

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A viral video showing people in a frenzy as they picked dollars that fell out from an armoured truck has stirred reactions.

A bullion van in America caused a huge scene as one of its doors burst open and plenty of dollar bills were scattered all over the floor.

The event which happened on Friday, November 19, brought traffic in California to a standstill as people rushed to pack their portions.

Filming the scene, a young lady known on Instagram as Demi Baby said that it is the most insane thing she has ever seen.

A part of the clip showed a man with both hands full of dollar bills as he screamed excitedly.

A report by Fox News, however, said that arrests were made on some of the people who packed the cash.

According to a report by NBC News, the FBI revealed that though some of the people who picked the money returned it to officials, some were spotted driving away with stolen dollars.


Watch the clip below:

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