Watch The Moment Carjackers Interrupt Couple Having Sєχ, Leave Them Nαkɛd In The Streets- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Couple are carjacked while having ѕєχ on the back seat of their vehicle in Brazil… then dumped on the street as thieves drive off.

The incident occurred Aug. 17 in an unidentified city in Brazil, with the surveillance footage subsequently shared to Twitter.

Night-vision video shows the three thieves approaching the white vehicle, parked on a quiet suburban street.

The trio violently pry open three of the car’s doors in an attempt to jump in and make a quick getaway — but are startled by the not-so-autoerotic activities going on inside

The lusty lovers were completely naked, splayed out across the backseat and partway through their steamy ѕєχ session.

However, the brazen carjackers didn’t let romance thwart their thievery, with one of the robbers pulling the pair out of the car and pushing them onto the road.

They were left standing stark ŋαkɛd in the street, before the thieves threw their clothing onto the road, jumped into the vehicle and sped off into the night.

The lovebirds were subsequently seen sheepishly putting their clothes back on, appearing stunned by what had just occurred.


Carjackers interrupt couple


It’s unclear whether the carjackers were later apprehended. It’s also unclear who posted the saucy surveillance footage to Twitter before it was obtained by Jam Press.

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