Watch The Emotional Moment Nana Ama Mcbrown Revealed How One Of Her  Fallopian Tubes Is Removed & The Other Is Not Functioning Well- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Until someone opens up about what he/she is going through in private, you may not understand the reason for their actions and inactions. Exactly the tale of actress/presenter Mcbrown.

Nana Ama Mcbrown due to how rich and happy she appears makes it hard for people to believe she has a problem or is dealing with something that she has kept secret all these years.

But well, she has problems just like any other human being. The Movie star has gone deep and finally shared a side of her life she kept to herself and her family for only God knows how long.

Speaking with Naa Ashokor on the ‘We Got This Africa’ show, Nana Ama Mcbrown recounted the story of how one of her tubes got damaged (the other remaining is not functioning well) and had to be removed surgically before she was finally able to conceive.


Mcbrown also disclosed that she once had a problem with fibroids and it had to be removed before she started her IVF procedure to finally get pregnant.


“I am saying for the first time, my tubes one of them was damaged and they had to take it off. I shouldn’t have said this but Naa a lot of women are going through this. Mine, I have gotten a result, I have gotten Maxine and what I wanted,” Nana Ama recounted.


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