Very Bad: See What This Beautiful Lady Was Caught Doing On A Busy Road That Got People Angry-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Many social media users were shocked to see a gorgeous young lady roaming about half-naked in the main roads of Mombasa, Kenya while wearing the strangest cloth pattern ever.

Internet users have been left in a state of confusion, having to scratch their heads to figure out if the lady was in fact in her right senses, and if she was actually conscious of the uproar she was making on onlookers.

The unidentified woman is dressed in a white crop top, fitted skirt, and sneakers. Meanwhile, it was her skirt that got the attention of many online users since the rear design revealed more than many people had imagined.


This type of dress should be prohibited in society. It shows a lack of good morals and a high level of indecency. It has been observed that these weird dressing designs have been common among young ladies, I believe something must be done by the government officials to curb this type of indecent dressing.

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