Use These 5 Tricks To Protect Your Kidney From Diseases-[CHECK OUT]

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I Use These 5 Tricks To Protect My Kidney And Am The Happiest Man On Earth

Do you also want to protect your kidney and live long and happily like me?

Well, I guess your answer is Yes! This is an interesting story I want to share with you and is all about what I do every day to keep my kidney healthy and I promise you more interesting stories if you click the FOLLOW button up there – top right corner of your screen.

So why should you keep your kidney healthy?

We all know that the kidney is one of the important organs in our system that supports our existence, hence it is very crucial to pay attention to it. Every year there over millions of people who die are linked to kidney diseases and so keeping it safe and monitoring signs is something I love to do every day.

How do you know your Kidney Is in Danger?

Your body will show you these signs or symptoms when your kidney is in danger, according to the National Kidney Foundation;

1. Feeling more tired and less energetic

2. Having trouble sleeping

3. Having dry and itchy skin

4. Passing blood in urine and foamy urine

5. Swollen ankles and muscle cramps

Now you know the signs, but do you know that there somethings we do every day especially in the morning that risks our Kidney? Let us find out.

Habits That Put Our Kidney In Danger

1. Holding your urine

2. Not drinking enough water or avoiding water for a long period

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3. Settling or sitting at one place for long

4. Eating a lot of processed foods

5. Drinking alcohol and smoking as well.

6. Not doing exercise

7. Eating too many salty foods

8. Not getting enough sleep

My Five Ways Or Tips To Keep My Kidney Healthy And Become The Happiest Man On Earth

1. Staying active by doing exercise

2. Controlling my blood sugar level

3. Checking my blood pressure – A healthy blood pressure reading is 120/80, anything other than that is risky.

4. Eating low-fat food and monitoring my weight


5. Drinking enough water and avoiding all the habits we discussed earlier on.

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