Unbelievable: Whiteman Captured Frying Kose For Koko Seller Due To The Hardship In Ghana-[WATCH VIDEO]

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At the point when white individuals are seen in Ghana, Ghanaians appear to consider them to be not quite the same as their kindred Ghanaians and have a lot of regard is given to them since they are foreigners.

An uncommon video located on the web has caught the second a white man was searing “Kose” to help a Koko dealer.

This man appears to have been in Ghana for some time with how he related with individuals around him and because of difficulty in the country, he decided to effectively bring in cash.


He was seen broiling the Kose in a skillet with oil. This video has got individuals laughing uncontrollably with how he was broiling the Kose like an expert.


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