UNBELIEVABLE: See What This Slay Queen Was Caught Doing To A Man In A Club-[WATCH VIDEO]

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It has happened again. Slay queens of today are always trending on social media and making headlines for unthinkable things. Another slay queen filmed “sucking the thing” of a man in a nightclub has surfaced on social media. Just recently, a different lady was also captured on camera doing the same thing in a club at Kasoa.

In the video, the slay queen approached a singer in the nightclub, goes on her knees, unzip the man’s zippers, and then… You can imagine what happened next. Unfortunately, the face of the lady was not captured, so her identity remains unknown.

These slay queens are gradually getting out of hands and it seems they are not going to stop any time soon.

What are your thoughts on this slay queen? Is she doing it for money?


Here is the link to watch the full video:


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