UNBELIEVABLE: I have Suffocated And Killed Many Babies At the Hospital After I Found Out This About Myself – Nurse Shockenly Confess

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The evil men do indeed follow them!

An unidentified nurse has shared a traumatic story of how she has intentionally killed newborn babies at the hospital for her personal satisfaction.

According to her, she has killed uncountable babies in the hospital after she found out that she cannot give birth herself. She revealed she suffocated the babies – held their noses until they can’t anymore.

The mischievous nurse noted that she normally sneaked into the baby’s ward to carry out such heinous acts when their mothers are sleeping after delivery. And sometimes, she does everything possible to kill the babies during labour.


In a long sad story shared on social media, the 46 years old unidentified nurse disclosed that she destroyed her womb after she had an abortion in the early stage of her life to be able to pursue her career.

However, she later found out that she had damaged the neckline of her cervix after she tried without luck to have a baby with her husband.

Out of pain and anger, bitterness she became jealous of others who were having babies successfully and decided to kill babies at the hospital.

According to her, she could go to the point of giving out abortion drugs to young couples who come to the hospital for help during pregnancy.

She revealed she’s currently being haunt by babies in her dreams and she has still not given birth.

Apparently, she is having suicidal thoughts and wants to take her life as there seems to be no hope for her in life.

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