Unbelievable A Woman Cuts Off Husbands P3nis And Fries It [SEE PHOTOS]

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A pizzeria owner allegedly killed her husband before cutting off his penis and frying it.

Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado, aged 33, was arrested in the Brazilian city of Sao Goncalo on June 7.

Cops were called to the couple’s house in the neighbourhood of Santa Catarina and found the victim’s lifeless, naked and mutilated body inside. He was identified only by his first name, Andre.

According to officers, his wife had cut off his penis and cooked it in soybean oil in a frying pan.

They seized a kitchen knife from the scene, believed to be the one she used to kill her husband with and subsequently dismember him.

Machado, who was arrested, has been charged with murder and corpse desecration at around 4am.

Andre crime scene
Andre was found dead with his penis removed and fried in oil. (Image: Newsflash)

The couple were together for 10 years and had been separated for two years, however, they still continued to see each other on and off, reports say.

They have an eight-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter, and they ran a pizzeria together. It is not clear if the children were present at the time of the crime.

According to news site UOL, the couple went out to a snack bar on the night of the crime and a row ensued.

Machado’s lawyer, Carla Policarpo, has said that Andre threatened her and she killed him in self-defence.

Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado and Andre

Andre’s sister, Adriana Santos, however, says the suspect killed her brother in revenge for him cheating on her.

Relatives have revealed that the couple constantly fought, and Machado had even reported her husband to the police on one occasion.

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According to her lawyer: “He did not accept the end of the relationship and said that if she could not be with him, she could not be with anyone.”

The lawyer, Policarpo, says her client is remorseful.

Some sources have given the suspect’s name as Dayana instead of Dayane, and it is not reported if she will undergo a mental health test.

The investigation is ongoing.



Source: Adomonline

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