Tsatsu Tsikata Drops Wild Revelation About His  Life In Prison 

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The program has already begun at 7:30 pm promptly as KSM made his introductions of thanking the owner of the spot that was being interviewed. Her name is Ama.


KSM introduced the program as he said “this man is well class legal brain” as he introduced Tsatsu Tsikata.

He further said the name of this program is “let’s chat with Tsatsu”. Tsatsu Tsikata came up appearing in a silk green top and black trouser. As simple as he is but yet brilliant. Another name trended as he was called “The Legal Wizard”.

He cracked a joke about cross-examining Tsatsu himself. Tsatsu Tsikata also continued with a talk KSM talked about a man going on a date with a woman at Osu Night Market.


Tsatsu further made a revelation of getting his home cooked food when he was in prison that was kenkey with fish.


KSM then teased him of liking Kenkey with fish too much as they both laughed at it.


More to come, stay updated as Tsatsu Tsikata has already made a revelation about his personal life of eating home-cooked food even when he was in prison.

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