This Is Shocking, Fear Woman: Woman Reveals Why She Cheats on Her Husband and Wants to Kill His Manhood; Got People Talking; Every Man Must Watch This Video-WATCH VIDEO

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A woman who identifies as Angela has disclosed that she has been cheating on her husband because ‘his manhood is very tiny and besides that, he doesn’t perform well.’

According to the woman in an interview with Arnold Elavanyo, she is no longer in love with her husband because their marriage was born out of a one-night stand that led to pregnancy.

“We agreed to get married because we had a child on the way, but there was no love, only friendship. So, I thought with the child and all we could fall in love and then take it from there. After marrying him for some years, I realised that I couldn’t, but he was in love, he was falling in love. I couldn’t connect with him.

“He wasn’t good sexually and that aspect kills me, but he always wants to have sex with me, I didn’t want to and I am very active when it comes to sex. His manhood is very tiny, and he doesn’t perform well,” she disclosed to Arnold.

She added that although she was married to the man, she had no feelings for him and kept looking for a solution to her ‘predicament’ until she met the man who matched her dreams.

“I was thinking of what to do when I met somebody I connected with, somebody whom I love, who loves me very well. I was married but this is love. I wasn’t in love with him and there was nothing that was pushing me toward him. I was rather being pushed out,” she said.

Angela claims she felt pushed out of her married for many years and thought it okay to cheat on her husband with her new man.

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“When I saw this guy, I knew this was it, I knew this is whom I wanted. Everything about him is what I wanted in a man but then I was married and need to do something.

“I denied my husband sex all the time, even before I met the new one. I wasn’t connecting. If the thing is dry it is dry. There is nothing sexual about him, about our relationship. We weren’t sexually connected at all,” she added.



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