This Is Evil: Shocking As Beautiful Lady Confesses To Sleeping With 6 Dogs In The Space Of 12 Months- [DETAILS]

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Absolutely nobody should be comfortable admitting this. The fact the world has created a space where people like this think they should be/are accepted is foul.

Just take a good look at what the liberal menace has done to our women. Thousands of years of civilization and progress down the drain.

A lady simply identified on Twitter as @Knotttypriness has made a shocking revelation on the bird app which has left many of the users on the micro-blogging platform jaw-dropped.


According to her, she has slept with six different dogs in the space of 12 months and 2 different men for her entire life and she confidently say that the dogs make her feel better.

It’s a few days into 2023 and seeing someone admit to bestiality on Twitter might be the craziest thing I’ll see all year.

Without shame and fear of severe criticism, she tweeted;

I have made a decision to come out. As we know humans are complicated and intelligent beings. We aren’t always simple. I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life. I am trans canine. I just want friends and a crowd that accepts and loves and cherishes me

From this, I can confidently say liberation has now has no limits. Only a matter of time before paedophiles start advocating for their rights too.

Below are how some people shockingly reacted to @Knottyprincess’ condemnable confession.

@Naruvislis for instance commented; This is so disgusting. Enjoy creating the demise of your own career! I hope the authorities find you and put you on a sex offender list.I would not let u even look at my dog. Wtf. So fucking gross

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@Inteldork – Weird flex to admit to raping 6 dogs this past year. If you are looking for friends and acceptance though, Twitter is definitely the place to find it.

@Jake_Lavire – This is illegal, in MANY countries. This is also morally wrong. If I have to explain to you why this is wrong, you’re too far gone.


@Betas_Inferno – This is animal abuse.

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