This Is All You Need To Know About Hormonal Imbalances And Treatment-[CHECK OUT]

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Just like women, men also have a hormonal imbalance, some have high prolactin levels while others may have low testosterone, but the most common cause of low sperm count is low testosterone levels. When a man has high prolactin, he is treated for that just like a woman is.

What does testosterone do for your body?

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. Even though it’s often associated with a man’s libido, testosterone occurs in both sexes from birth.

In males, testosterone stimulates the beginning of sexual development and helps maintain a man’s health throughout his life.

A man’s testosterone level peaks in early adulthood. But the hormone continues to play an important role in:

1. Bone and muscle mass

2. Fat storage

3. Production of red blood cells

4. Sexual and physical health

In most cases, after the age of 30, your testosterone levels will begin to naturally fall. Drastic drops or a stop in production can lead to symptoms of low testosterone.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in adult males include:

1. Gynecomastia, or the development of breast tissue.

2. Erectile dysfunction (ED)

3. Decrease in beard growth and body hair growth

4. Loss of muscle mass

5. Loss of bone mass, otherwise known as osteoporosis

6. Difficulty concentrating

7. Hot flashes

Causes of hormonal imbalance including,



Exposure to toxin

Inadequate exercise

Poor nutrition


Natural treatment options include;

Eating fruits like cucumber, carrots, avocados, Bananas, Seeds and nuts, like sunflower seeds, black seeds, watermelon seeds and nuts like almond nuts, Brazilian nuts etc. A supplement like zinc, vitamin c, vitamin

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