Take A Look At What These Legon Student Were Caught On Camera Doing In Their Hostel That Got People Talking- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Some students of the University of Ghana have been recorded on camera cuddling, kissing, and romancing each other in their hostel. Many social media users after coming across this video couldn’t believe their eyes. If you watch the video carefully, you can a guy and a lady sleeping on a student’s bed romancing each other. The guy was seen sleeping on top of this lady as she also used her hands to romance his head.

Another couple was also seen sleeping on another student’s bed in the same room romancing each other. In this same room, another lady was seen calling her boyfriend to come and kiss her before he leaves for class. There seem to be about 6 guys and their girlfriends living in this room.


What seems to amaze people is that these guys and their girlfriends are not feeling shy of each other. They were seen romancing each other as if they are alone in the room. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that Legon guys are really enjoying their ladies at the campus.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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