Stop Using Toilet Roll After Defecating Its Rather Do You Bad Than Good; Doctor Reveals-[CHECK OUT]

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People have a different way of cleaning themself after using the toilet, while some use water others use toilet rolls also known as tissue paper.

Popular doctor on social media has revealed the danger of using toilet roll or tissue paper as it is also called after defecating. According to Dr Olufunmilayo, he maintained that toilet roll does not clean the sensitive areas properly, rather it causes urine infection.

He also maintained that people who use toilet rolls can have medical problems if care is not taken.

While providing solutions, the respected medical personnel affirms that the best way to clean oneself after defecating is to use soap and water. In his words, Doctor Funmilayo noted that soap and water is the best way to clean oneself but if there is no soap, then one can use only water or wet wipes.


Do you use a toilet roll or water and soap? Share your views and opinions in the comments section

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