Stop Sleeping On Your Right Side, Check Out What It Does To Your Health

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Some of the most serious chronic illnesses, such as heartburn and back discomfort, are frequently caused by incorrect sleeping posture. We all understand the value of a good night’s sleep. It affects how you wake up and how you spend the remainder of your day. You know how horrible the next day maybe if you’ve ever had a poor night.

It’s not all about how you feel, though. What matters most is what is good for our bodies. We must reconsider our sleeping habits because sleep is such an important element of our life. So now I’ll tell you why sleeping on your right side is detrimental to your health.

1. It harms your back and spine.

This sleeping position has been connected to back pain. This position puts a lot of strain on your back and spine because so much of your weight is generally kept in particular body parts. The spine is misaligned. You may feel numb or need to stretch when changing positions.

You can adjust this sleeping posture to support your spine curve naturally if you don’t think you’ll be able to sleep in any other position. You’ll be OK if you place two pillows beneath your body, one under your pelvis and the other under your head.

2. It gives you indigestion.

By resting flat on your right side, you can develop gastroesophageal reflux disease. For those who are still coping with the problem, it can aggravate the situation.

The stomach’s acid and contents rise into the oesophagus. The valve that prevents acid from returning to the stomach is unable to manage the reflux in these situations due to gravity. The stomach’s contents are then sent down the oesophagus to the bottom. Heartburn, discomfort, a sour taste in the mouth, shortness of breath, and, in some cases, chest pain are all symptoms of this condition.

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The safest solution is to sleep on your left side with your head on an angle. As a result of this, heartburn will be eased. This is because the stomach is in the proper position, allowing the food to stay in the stomach rather than spilling out of the oesophagus valve and into the upper stomach region.

3. It increases the baby’s stress.

If you’re having a child, your sleeping patterns should be closely monitored. This is good for your daughter’s health and comfort, as well. We can all agree that lying on one’s back and on one’s left side isn’t a smart idea. The excess weight in the middle of your body puts undue strain on your spine, which causes this. This position does not allow your baby to move freely since he or she is wedged between the bed and your spine.

For all pregnant women, sleeping on their left side is advised. For both the mother and the newborn, this position promotes blood flow and oxygen levels.

4. It places undue strain on your breasts, potentially causing problems.

5. Sleeping on your left side promotes better health.

If you prefer to sleep on your left side, it is better for your heart function. In this mode, the heart works more efficiently and calmly. This is the case because gravity shifts the burden of effort away from the core. Blood circulation will improve as a result.


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