Stop Saying “Thank You” After Making Love, Here Is What You Should Tell Your Partner

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You’re blessed to have someone in your life who can take you into his arms and make you feel loved and comfortable. Physical connection, though very important, is not enough to base your relationship on it. You have to use words to let him know how much you value him in your life. But quite often, those words are difficult to find, right, especially when you don’t know what to say after love Making.

Love making is a beautiful expression of love. To make every moment of memorable with your partner, it is important to set up the mood. This time we will tell you what to say after love making. Well, most couples after love making just doze off and get on to doing some other activities. However, if you really love your partner, it is important that even after love making, you show some love and passion. Yes, cuddling is definitely one way.

I’m so lucky to have you next to me, You know exactly how to make me feel better, Baby, you drive me wild, Where did you learn all these things, I’ve never been with someone as amazing as you, I wish every day could end this way, you’re so sweet, Thank you for taking me to heaven, There’s one thing I like, the way you make me feel, You’re my doctor’s prescription.


Now that I have shared with you how to compliment someone sexually after love man, to build a stronger connection, make your partner feel valued and appreciated, what other things do you personally say after having the best love making ever.

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