Stop Eating Tomatoes That Has Whitish Substance, Doctor Warns And Reveals What It Does To Your Health-[CHECK OUT]

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It’s very good for people to be informed about the type of food or fruit they consume in their body, which could cause different diseases in their system. In this article, I shall reveal in your best interest why you should avoid eating any fruits, that contain those whitish substances (fungus) and what it does in the body.


It has been observed that there are people who love to buy tomatoes that have overstayed to the point of bringing out a whitish substance which is referred to as fungus. The major reason why people buy fermented tomatoes is that traders usually sell them at a cheaper rate to the wholesalers and the consumers will be the ones to carry the diseases.


A popular online doctor of the name Aproko Doctor has revealed that the white substance that comes out of the body of tomatoes contains fungus, and the name of the fungus is called Aspergillus.


Aspergillosis is an infection caused by a fungus called aspergillus. The fungus is often found growing on old bread, groundnuts, watermelon, dead leaves, stored grains, and in other decaying vegetation.

According to the doctor, who took to his social media page to give this warning so that people will stop eating vegetables or food that contains fungus, revealed that it’s responsible for liver cancer.


Most people believe that when they cook finished cooking the tomatoes it will not have any side effects. But then, the doctor said boiling the tomatoes doesn’t remove fungus completely except it’s well cooked.

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I believe you have learned something interesting from this article. Haven’t you?


Some people see such tomatoes as the best that is why they always buy them, do you also see it that way?

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