Stop Eating These Unhealthy Snacks And Foods If You Want To Lower Trans-Fat And Stay Healthy-[CHECK OUT]

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We enjoy eating all sorts of snacks without caring about the effects they have on our health. Biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, donuts and pizza are just a few of the most common snacks enjoyed by a lot of people. They might taste good but when consumed in unhealthy amounts they can have severe consequences on your health.

But what makes these snacks unhealthy to eat?

Well, these snacks contain artificial trans-fat. Trans fat is a form of unsaturated fat that is not good for the body. Artificial trans-fats pose a serious threat to your health as it increases the risk of your having heart disease. Also, artificial trans-fat is responsible for inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation leads to severe sicknesses like arthritis, diabetes, poor metabolism and heart diseases. When you consume these snacks that are packed with artificial trans-fat, you also increase your risk of developing cancer.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to have snacks, just make sure you avoid these snacks that are packed with a lot of artificial trans-fat. In this article, I will share some snacks and food with high artificial trans-fat that you should avoid;

1.      Packed snacks

Cheese balls, biscuits and chips are popular snacks that contain a lot of trans-fat from the shortening and butter they are made from.

2.      Margarine

Margarine is the left over gotten from processing oil. Margarine is mostly gotten from hydrogenated oil which is packed with artificial trans-fat.

3.      Pastries

Cakes, donuts, pizza and cookies are pastries that are made commercially in restaurants. These pastries are sometimes made with unhealthy butter which is packed with unhealthy amounts of artificial trans-fat.

4.      Deep-fried snacks

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This includes buns, puff-puff, fish rolls and egg rolls. These snacks are deep fried in oil to cook them, unfortunately, not everyone uses healthy cooking oil when frying. It is best you avoid fried snacks if you don’t know what type of oil is used in preparing it.

5.      Cheap market cooking oil

Many market women sell unbranded cooking oil making it hard to tell what type of oil it is. This type of oil is often mixed and blended with other types of oil. After the mixing, the oil becomes unhealthy, packed with artificial trans-fat and unsafe for consumption. Instead of buying unbranded cooking oil, make sure you go to a store and buy the branded ones to be sure of what you are using to cook.


Cutting out these harmful snacks can be very difficult but it is best you avoid them if you want to live a long and healthy life.

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