Stop Eating These Types Of Foods Before Going To Bed-[VERY IMPORTANT]

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Finding something sumptuous to eat before best is one thing a lot of people crave for.

Since there are varieties of meals to choose from, certain individuals choose to take in some particular meals that they yearn for.

As human as we are, it is essential we watch the kind of food we take since it could either help us or be detrimental to our health.

In today’s study, we will be looking at some particular meals that should not be taken in the evening or late in the night, no matter how hungry you are.

1. Instant Noodles


This is one meal that has become a personal favourite for so many people during the night.


At the moment, it has gained so much popularity that some individuals cannot go a day without eating it.

However, it is one meal you need to try as much as possible to reduce its intake during the night.

Due to the ingredients being used to prepare it contains high calories and fats that take time to digest. The use of egg, sausages and other stuff in the preparation of indomie makes it a meal that needs lots of time to be broken by the human digestive system.

Since we usually don’t exercise enough in the evening before going to bed, it is appropriate for you to avoid the intake of this food to avoid some life-threatening diseases in the near future.

2. FUFU And Banku


These are locally made dishes that are enjoyed by lots of Ghanaians.

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Eating this food is not bad at all. However, taking such heavy meals in the evening or late in the night can be very dangerous.


This is because aside from its inability to digest properly during the night, it can also cause stomach upset, obesity and constipation if taken frequently.

To avoid contracting a disease that you may be unaware of, it is advisable you take such meals in the afternoon or immediately after mid-day.

3. Bread And Egg aka “Kyebom


This is one easily accessible food that can easily send you to your grave.


Many people prefer to take it late at night because of the ease being used to prepare such foods.

The bad news here is the fats it contains. Some people go to the extreme to even fry three or more eggs just to satisfy themselves before going to bed.

If you are a person who is fond of doing this, I will advise to you call it quit before the worst happens.


Remember your health is more important than anything in this world so eat and make sure you eat the right meal at the right time.

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