Stop Eating These 3 Foods Regularly To Protect Yourself From Getting Cancer-[CHECK OUT]

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One dangerous and distasteful ailment that one doesn’t want to have is cancer. This is not just because of its very low mortality rate, but also because of the fact that it can affect every part of your life.

For one to stay away from getting this kind of ailment called cancer, it’s important that one learns the various ways to prevent having it, and one of these ways is by avoiding eating certain foods too much.

Below Are foods You Should avoid eating too much if you want to Live Long and avoid cancer.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is linked to a great many sicknesses, but one of its most dangerous is cancer. This is majorly due to the high amount of ethanol in it, which is converted to acetaldehyde, a carcinogen in the body, and this carcinogen ends up causing issues with the body DNA, which can most times lead to cancer cells growth.

2. Smoking

Most people know it’s wrong to smoke, but they still go-ahead to do it anyway. However, if they know that it can lead to cancer, they would do well to quit or reduce greatly their consumption rate. Avoid smoking as much as you can, as it poses a great many risks to your health asides from cancer.


3. Eating too much salt.

Too much salt leads to high blood pressure, and this, in turn, leads to heart issues, or which one is cancer of the heart. Too much salt can also lead to stomach cancer.

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