Stop Eating Hot Food In Plastic Rubber;It Causes Dangerous And Serious Health Problem- [CHECK OUT]

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Hot Food In Plastic Rubber Is Dangerous and Poses Serious Health Problem- Ghanaians Cautioned

A senior medical practitioner and the Chief executive officer for Prophecy Scientific Herbal Clinic, Noble Dr Elijah Mensah Bonsu has cautioned ghanaians to stop wrapping hot foods with plastic bags since it is hazardous to their health.

According to him, plastic products and rubbers are made up of chemical and when it becomes accumulated in the body cause a lot of damage to the well-being of an individual.

Speaking with the media, he said habitual eating hot foods in rubber beings accumulated effects which causes cancer, infertility, diabetes, heart failure are some health diseases associated with consuming fluorine.

Dr Mensah Bonsu further advices the general public to use the old method of packaging foods in green leaves like plantain to cover banku) were the best aged preferred to serve food to leave healthier.



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