Stop Eating Fried Plantain, If You Are Suffering From Any Of These 5 Medical Conditions-[CHECK OUT]

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Fried plantain is definitely one of the most loved and popular foods all over the world, especially here in Africa. It is really tasty and lots of people love eating it very often. Fried plantain can be paired with lots of dishes such as rice and stew, beans porridge, fried eggs, jollof rice and a host of others.

However, this delicious treat isn’t actually as healthy as one may think it is. Dodo is usually deep-fried and soaked in hot oil during the process of frying and preparing it. It is very high in fat and cholesterol and that makes it quite unhealthy for humans. In today’s article, I’ll be enlightening you guys about 5 medical conditions that forbid the eating of fried plantains(dodo). See them below

1. High blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a medical condition that occurs when there is an excess amount of cholesterol in the blood, making it pump abnormally. The oil that is usually used to fry plantains are very high in fat and cholesterol, so it should be avoided.


2. Stroke.

Stroke is a very popular disease that affects a lot of people these days, especially those above the age of 40. It can happen to anyone and when it does occur, the victim needs to stay clear from eaten fatty foods which include dodo.

3. Obesity.

When a person is suffering from the medical conditions known as obesity, they should avoid foods that could worsen their health situation like fried foods and junk.

4. Heart diseases.

Heart diseases are usually caused by too much amount of fat, cholesterol and sugar in the body. And off course fried plantain is deep-fried and soaked in hot oil, making it unhealthy for heart disease patients.


5. Prostate Cancer.

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects middle-aged and old men. And any man who had been diagnosed with the dreaded disease should avoid eating fried plantain, no matter how delicious it is.

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