Stop Cooking Your Foods With These Things, After This Age, It Is Dangerous To Your Health-[CHECK OUT]

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One thing with life is that we play a vital role in it. Many of the decisions made by us are what determines a particular thing or the other, the same goes for our health. The things that we do also play roles in determining how healthy we will be.

This is why we should be very careful about the food we consume as well as what we use in cooking our foods. I have made some research, I have found out that some of the things we use why cooking when we are young are not good for the body once we start ageing. These things are

1. Excess Salt

Once you clock the age of 40 and above, reduce the rate at which you consume salts. Excess salts can cause high blood pressure or water retention which will cause the legs to get swollen and cause the blood pressure to skyrocket.

Also, avoid the rate at which you add seasonings into your meal. Most of these seasonings are also salty.

2. Groundnut Oil that cakes

There are some groundnuts you will consume and you will notice that when you leave it for a long time, it forms something like a block or wall. Avoid them. These type of Groundnut Oils are not in any way good for the body. They should be avoided at all cost because they can increase a person’s chances of suffering from High Blood pressure.


Remember that to keep yourself safe, you not only have to watch what you eat but also what you use to prepare the food you eat.

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