Stop Cooking Stew With These 3 Common Ingredients If You Want To Stay Healthy-[CHECK OUT]

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When it comes to food, some people consider it wonderful if it contains every ingridents that makes it taste good. If you’ve been consuming things just because they taste good, you’re heading to your grave sooner than expected.

Some foods may be delicious to eat, but they pose a risk to your well-being. To put it another way, the substances used to enhance foods flavor have the potential to cause serious health problems.

The extra water stored in your body raises your blood pressure. So, the more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys and brain. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease.

Diabetes, cancer, heart attack/cardiac arrest/stroke/ulcer/liver/kidney/etc. are some of the health issues that some people have because of the foods they have eaten in the past. If you’re planning to cook a stew, here are three things you should avoid doing. Helps to lower the risk of some health issues.

1. An unhealthy oil is one of the most common causes of heart disease.

Cholesterol-laden oils are readily available in today’s food supply in our supermarkets. Because these oils can cause heart issues, they should be avoided. Make sure to use a low-cholesterol oil when making your stew.

2. Artificial Colours


When making a stew, some individuals add artificial colours to give it a bright and appealing appearance without realising that these colours contain excessive sodium and artificial preservatives, which can cause cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Colour your stew with red peppers and tomatoes instead of using artificial colours.

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3. Artificial Sweeteners



Everything is terrible if consumed in excess. It’s important to exercise restraint at all times. Make sure you don’t over-infuse your stew with any of the ingredients. People who want their stew to taste delicious may add too many seasoning cubes without realizing that this can raise their blood pressure. Green veggies, rather than seasoning cubes, are a healthier option.

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