Stop Cooking Rice With These Two Ingredients As They Dangerous To Your Health-[CHECK OUT]

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Rice has been my best food since childhood and not only for me but for some other persons too. Mummy’s delicious Jollof rice usually makes me run home when the closing bell rings. Today I have grown to be an adult who eventually eats rice almost every day.

Most times we make little mistakes while cooking and sometimes we make bigger mistakes but the good thing is that we can always correct our mistakes when it comes to cooking. I have observed that the taste of everybody’s cooking is not the same. Even when we buy the same ingredients and cook the same food, you will still notice some slight differences in the taste of the foods. This has made so many people to start adding things that will make their food taste better than the others. Sometimes these ingredients that make our food taste nice aren’t favorable to our health. They cause a lot of damages to our body system.


Most times these things cause us serious health problems and kill our body organs. There things that some people use in cooking rice that are not good for their health. These things can cause cancer or other deadly diseases. In this article, I will be sharing with you two things you should avoid cooking with when preparing rice. These things damage our body system causing you to have a weak immune system.

Below are three things you should avoid cooking your rice with:

#1. Artificial color.

So many women and men do add colors to their rice when cooking, if they don’t add it to the rice directly they put it in the stew used in cooking the rice. They do this so that the food will look very reddish as if the food was garnished with enough tomatoes. My dear, you are not only Killing yourself but putting the lives of other people at risk. Cooking with artificial colors puts you at double risk of developing cancer. Artificial colors are chemically based product which enhances food color when added in our meal. There are possible health risks caused by artificial food dyes and colorants. The chemical used in producing food coloring products can cause Hyperactivity, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Allergies, Asthma, Cancer, brain damage, sudden/premature death, etc.

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My dear, if you love your life, you better stop eating unhealthy food because you if continue doing so you may develop a serious illness, sooner or later. I strongly advise you to be conscious of the food you eat outside because most of them are unfavorable to our health.

#2. Artificial sweetener

Nowadays what most people care for is a delicious meal, going for taste can make you do anything just to get that sweet taste. I have observed that some people add artificial sweeteners to their rice, especially when cooking Jolly rice or rice stew. These things are bad and dangerous to our health. You may be using little money to buy them now but we the side effect starts surfacing you will be needing millions to get you cured. There are many artificial sweeteners out there, examples are saccharine, sucralose, aspartame, etc.

Adding this to your food can damage your brain cell causing you to have tumors, weight gain which leads to obesity, an increase in blood sugar level with leads to diabetes, heart problem, premature death, etc. Save your life today by eating healthy foods.


Note: life is too short to live an Unhealthy lifestyle. You should learn to eat what is good for your body and make sure you don’t too much junk. Eating too much Junk foods put you at a high risk of developing deadly diseases. Be warned!

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