Stop Combining Eggs With Any Of These 5 Foods, It Is Very Dangerous To Your Health-[CHECK OUT]

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A lot of people all over the world are a consumer of the egg. The egg is gotten mostly from poultry animals, typically chickens and birds and the egg have lots of vitamins and nutrients this is simply good for the body. Eggs may be cooked or fried and it goes with different meals such as rice, noodles, yam, and others. No doubt, eggs are very scrumptious and good for the body, in regards to age or gender.

However, eggs may be toxic to the body in some cases if it’s eaten with some kinds of meals. Combining an inappropriate meal with eggs could lead to some health issues such as indigestion, constipation, bloating or even heart disease, diarrhoea, etc. It is real that a few human beings eat some foods to get vitamins and some other nutrients, however, that food that seems healthy could be unhealthy.

Examples of appropriate meals to eat with egg are rice and beans, beans and bread, bread and butter, rice and egg sauce and lots more, After all, there’s a saying that, “you’re what you consume”, so someone needs to eat nicely to live healthy and strong. So in this article, I’m going to be citing a few meals that are very awful to eat with eggs, whether cooked or not cooked or fried due to the fact that it can result in food poisoning and cause health problem, See them below;

1. Eggs and Beans:

Both eggs and beans are protein, however, eating them is not nice to the body as they can cause bloating or indigestion within the stomach.

2. Eggs and Milk:

Eating fried or cooked eggs with milk is a bad food combo. Because eggs consist of vitamins that prevent the absorption of iron and calcium in the body.

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3. Eggs and Fish:

This is likewise a wrong food combination due to the presence of Avidin which is a nutrient present in eggs that can neutralize vitamins in fish, in which eating it can’t go with fish, Instead of consuming eggs with fish, use vegetables instead.

4. Eggs and Banana:

This is virtually one of the worst food combination ever, someone would ever eat due to the fact exceptionally toxicity. A man or woman has to avoid consuming eggs with Bananas because it’s dangerous to the health.

5. Eggs and Cassava (Garri).


Some humans may also consume Garri with cooked or fried eggs and that is like one of the worst meals combinations on earth. It could be very toxic to devour cassava flakes with eggs. Be careful.

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