Stomach Ulcer Kills: Everyone Should Avoid Stomach Cancer By Staying Away From These 4 Risk Factors- [CHECK OUT]

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Anywhere inside the stomach or on the stomach wall can develop stomach cancer. Gastric cancer is another name for it.

When aberrant cells in the stomach begin to multiply and develop out of control, that is when stomach cancer first appears.

According to Healthline, here are 4 risk factors for Stomach cancer:

1. Obesity

A higher risk of cardiac malignancy is associated with being overweight or obesity.

2. Diet

People who consume a lot of items preserved by salting, such as salted fish and meat and pickled vegetables, have a higher chance of developing stomach cancer.

Regular consumption of processed, grilled, or charcoaled meats seems to raise the risk of stomach tumors that are not cardiac.

The risk of stomach cancer is likely increased by eating few or no fruits. On the other hand, consuming a lot of raw vegetables and fresh fruits, particularly citrus fruits, appears to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

3. Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol undoubtedly makes stomach cancer more likely. For those who consume three or more drinks per day or more, the evidence for this connection is highest.

4. Smoking


Smoking raises the risk of stomach cancer, especially in the upper region of the stomach next to the esophagus. Smokers have a roughly doubling of their risk of developing stomach cancer.


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