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One of the first things you should do if you have a peptic ulcer is change your diet, choosing meals that are easy on the stomach and avoiding items that can aggravate peptic ulcer symptoms.

Peptic ulcers are uncomfortable, open sores that form in the lining of the digestive tract and are typically brought on by an infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). The open sore might become inflamed when certain meals encourage the formation of stomach acids. This can both exacerbate the peptic ulcers’ throbbing, excruciating pain and hinder recovery.

Contrarily, gastrointestinal-friendly foods, such as those high in fiber or probiotic bacteria, can aid in symptom relief and repair.

According to WebMD & Healthline, here are 3 categories of foods should in excess to avoid stomach ulcer:

1. Fried or fatty foods


You could find that eating a large supper of fried chicken worsens the symptoms of your stomach ulcer. That’s because fatty foods feel heavy in your stomach since your body digests them more slowly. Additionally, delayed digestion allows food to ferment for a longer period of time, which can result in too much gas and bloating. Foods that are fried or fatty should be avoided if you have stomach ulcers.

2. Non-fermented dairy products


While non-fermented dairy products like milk and ice cream were linked to worse gut health and a higher risk of ulcers, fermented dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and sour cream were linked to better gut health and a decreased risk of stomach ulcers. The live bacteria cultures (probiotics) required to produce fermented dairy products are absent from non-fermented dairy products.

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3. Alcohol & coffee


Alcohol can exacerbate the inflammation and bleeding of a stomach ulcer by eroding the mucus layer that covers the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Even decaf coffee can make your stomach produce more acid. It is advised to cut out these beverages from your diet if you have stomach ulcers.


Remember that only you know what your stomach can handle whether you’re adding or avoiding foods from your stomach ulcer diet menu. You might not have any issues eating spicy dishes, and you might be fine eating oranges and other acidic citrus fruits. Try a variety of items from this list to determine what you prefer because what works for one person could not for another.

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