Stay Away From Ladies Whenever They Start  Showing These 12 Signs In Relationships To Save Yourself From Heartbreak-[CHECK OUT]

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When it comes to breaking up with a man, some ladies can be quite amusing. Some of them would go so far as to break up with the guy without informing him. That’s how women are. At the same time, it’s both complicated and straightforward. I’m not sure who is supposed to understand these ladies, but I’m guessing it’s not guys. Why am I sounding like this? It’s because many guys, like myself, have sought to understand women and how they’re wired by reading books about them and attending various lectures, programs, and activities that preach about women’s understanding. However, it appears that our understanding of women is insufficient for us (men) to say that we fully understand women and their behavioural proclivities.

In this post, I’ll give you 12 telltale signs that your girlfriends, lovers, or even wives are no longer in love with you. These signals would also aid men in not deceiving themselves by attempting to force it.

1. If she hasn’t made some kind of commitment to you.

2. If she avoids you when you are in desperate need of help and only returns when you have something.

3. If she’s already dating someone else and cheating on you.

4. If she doesn’t value your displays of affection and concern, as well as all the sacrifices you’ve made to keep the relationship alive.

5. If she doesn’t value your relationship, business, or phone calls.

6. If she doesn’t call to inquire about your well-being despite the fact that they haven’t seen or heard from you in a long time without providing you with a reasonable explanation.

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7. Introduce you to their parents, siblings, and friends if she is shy.

8. If she regards you as an ATM machine from which she can obtain funds to meet their needs for data, food, clothing, rent, and phones.

9. If she becomes enraged if you touch her phone for some reason.

10. If she continues to ask for stuff you can’t do or afford in an attempt to push you away from her.

11. If she secretly makes and accepts phone calls.

12. If she refuses to tell you where she lives.


If you really want to save yourself from the impending heartbreak as a guy, pay attention to the signs mentioned above. Keep in mind that love can be seen in nature and is expressed by a deep commitment to one another. A one-sided love results in a dysfunctional relationship. An unhappy marriage is the result of an abusive relationship.

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