Spiritual Implications Of Sucking And Licking Partners Private Parts- [CHECK OUT]

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As a Christian, I have personally come to discover and believe that there is no spiritual effect of licking a woman.

There is no place in the Holy scriptures where it is written that a couple can not have oral sex.

Therefore, I believe that as long as oral sex is taking place between a married couple or as long as a man is licking his wife, it is not a sin and therefore has no spiritual effect.

During sexual intercourse, some women like being licked and sucked.

There are also some women that do not like the idea of being licked. At the same time, some women totally despise it. I have discovered that if you pay attention to her and her reactions, you can make it a usually pleasurable experience.


From turning her on to mind-blowing orgasms, she would really love it!

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