Slay Queen Reveals How Female Celebrities Eat The Poopoo Of Dubai Millionaires-  [WATCH VIDEO]

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For the past 7 days and counting, the story on most lips of Ghanaians is how our female celebrities and other slay queens travel to Dubai to either sleep with dogs or eat the poopoo of millionaires.

Just about three days ago, actress Ellen Asante Korkor who once played the lead role in Afia Schwar TV series also joined the conversation to throw more light on the issue.

As revealed by the actress, the ladies are paid as huge as $20,000 just to either sleep with dogs or eat the poopoo and swallow the urine of these Dubai millionaires.

Amidst the brouhaha, a lady has also taken to the internet to share her experience on the porta-potty saga and according to her, everything Ellen earlier said is true.

As narrated by the lady, she was lured to Dubai by her friends who are already in the business and are cashing out big time.

She continued that even before she landed in Dubai, she was given a whopping $10,000 just for shopping to buy new clothes, shoes and other accessories because she was told there were going to an elite party not knowing was going to eat the poopoo of millionaires.


After landing in Dubai, she was then briefed about the disgusting deal which she vehemently turned down and hurriedly travelled back to Ghana.


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