Should You Urinate Before $ex? Find Out What Doctors Say- [CHECK OUT]

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We have heard a lot of different theories of do’s and don’ts before and after $ex. Urinating before $ex has long been propagated as the right thing to do to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). But urologists and $ex experts warn that it should be prohibited as it can actually increase the chances of UTI.

According to research and gynecologists, the “pee before $ex” mantra is one of the biggest misconceptions which a lot of people believe to be true. While urinating after $ex is definitely important, going to the bathroom beforehand is a big no-no.

The reason is simple. When you urinate before getting intimate with your partner, remains of the urine in the genital get pushed back into the urethra and this increases the risk of getting urinary tract infections and other infections of the genitals.


Both men and women fall victims to this but unfortunately, women are especially susceptible to developing UTIs from $ex because the female urethra is only two inches long. A relatively short distance for bacteria to travel. And some women are more likely than others to experience the issue because their v@ginal opening is positioned closer to their urethra.

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