Shocking As Human Skeleton Found In A Popular Church At Kasoa – Pastor Explains-[CHECK DETAIL]

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Members of a church in Kasoa have recovered skeletons and bones of humans and cats from the church grounds. Due to reputational concerns, the name of the church has not been released.

According to the pastor of the church, he had noticed that the majority of the church’s members were not attending church, so he decided to start praying about it, and during one of his prayer sessions, he saw some skeletons buried beneath the church’s pulpit in the form of a revelation.


He went to the church right away to find out what the revelation meant. He noticed something buried under the pulpit based on his observations, so he immediately informed the church’s elders.

They organized dig teams and discovered human and cat skeletons, just as the pastor had predicted.

The pastor revealed that the skeletons were demonic and had been planted on the ground by a former church pastor.

He explained that the demons in the skeletons were what caused church members to stop attending services.

The retrieved bones were burned to ashes, and church leaders are hopeful that their members will be able to return to the church.


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