Shocking As Assemblyman Destroys Dridge Built By Youngman; Reason Shocking- [DETAILS+ PHOTOS]

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I’m yet to understand how most African politicians, especially the ones in Ghana think!

It’s clear that Ghana and Africa at large lack thoughtful and smart men to manage its affairs & resources reason behind our slow-paced level of development.

It’s only in Ghana that expensive excavators that can be used for major infrastructural developments are burnt to ashes when confiscated.

Taking you to Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana, the assemblyman of Mangoase popularly known as Pop – Has demolished a bridge constructed by a concerned citizen just because he failed to first seek permission from him.

According to a Facebook user by the name Nana Cyruz Aboagye who broke the news that evokes anger on social media, the assemblyman claims that it is in the plans of the assembly to construct the now demolished bridge hence the young man shouldn’t have dared tried such a thing.

Instead of the young man whose name has been given as Michael Power to be congratulated, he was vilified and bastardized for doing the right thing which no sensible person will condemn or get agitated by it.

If this isn’t arrant nonsense, utter stupidity and sheer evilness, then I don’t know what it is.

Nana Aboagye Cyruz wrote;

A young guy, with his own money decided to build a bridge not for himself but for the community to get easy access and can even use their cars on it. The assembly man of Mangoase,Agona Swedru with the name Pop, demolished the bridge because they (the assembly) didn’t ask my friend Michael Power, to do it and secondly, it is in the plans of the assembly to construct the bridge, so instead of praising this young man for doing a wonderful job, they demolished it. They destroyed the bridge that he has spent thousands of Ghana cedis on. What kind of jealousy, stupidity, senseless and envious attitude is this??

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How can you call yourself assembly man and do this stupid thing in the name of “they didn’t give him orders to do it? Pop, am very disappointed in you.

Below are before and after pictures of the construction of the bridge.


Check out some of the comments from angry Ghanaians below;

Ãbêî?ü Çhïbî? – Huuuuuh heerrrh de whole thing dey shock me cef

Clement Kobby Bryant – Where were the area boys when this Gyimis3m was going on ????

Nana Afua Morrison – They did same to one man in my area when he wanted to construct the road because he has painted his house white smh the didn’t allow himAll these pple call demselves ghana mpanyinfo gyimii nkoaaaaaa

Ghana Ba Abonoa – U can’t even dare to do this in Nkubease, Salem n Zabu zongo electoral area like u go smell pepper. Gyimii sei wo de break 8


Nana Ekua Sam – So when de guy started de work de Assembly man didn’t see ong..Smh

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