SHOCKER: See How A Taxi Became A Hospital-[SEE PHOTO]

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One fear many people have nowadays is a visit to any medical facility when they are not feeling well, for medical attention. No, it is not in relation to the fear of the syringe or injection, neither is it the sight of medical personnel. The major reason is the fear of the quality of service that would be rendered out. Granted, sometimes, some nurses tend to be rude to patients who check in to be treated, but it seems the growing problem is the lack of facilities and types of equipment.

In that light, a common case that often pops up is the lack of beds. There have been cases of people losing their lives because they could not be properly attended to as a result of the lack of beds.

The situation is so bad that at certain places, patients go to the hospital with their own mattresses so that if it happens that they would be admitted, they can sleep at the facility without returning as a result of the lack of birds.

We came across a heartbreaking picture of an aged man who had been taken to a medical facility to be given medical attention. Unfortunately for him, it seems the medical facility had no space so the poor old had to be given medical attention in the taxi that brought him.


This is so unfortunate.

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