SHOCKER: I Used My Urine And Menstrual Blood To Attract Customers To Buy My Food; Waakye Seller Confesses After Pastor Caught Her-DETAILS

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A Ghanaian waakye seller identified as Sheriffatu Amidu has confessed to the general public how she got people traveling from far and near to have a taste of her food.

In an audio that has gone rift on the Ghanaian internet, the waakye seller said that initially when she started selling the waakye, she wasn’t getting the necessary attention even of her neighbors, not talk of people traveling from far to taste it.

Finding solutions to her problem, the waakye seller said that a friend of hers took her to a native doctor where she was told to cook the waakye with her menstrual blood and urine once a week.

She said that the native doctor told her that people will travel from far and near to purchase her food if she does what she’s been asked to do.

Being someone who has always dreamt of having a lot of customers, the lady said she did not think twice before starting to cook with her menstrual blood and urine.

In less than a week, she said she started seeing good results and people were coming from all the four corners of her community to buy her food.

However, she got busted after a powerful pastor who also wanted to buy the food got to know the secret behind it.The lady asked for forgiveness after confessing.


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