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According to the report, the alleged mother of the baby, Akosua Margarete got pregnant without knowing while in a new relationship with her new boyfriend after breaking up with Osman, a married man of two.

Three months after Akosua getting to know shes pregnant, he inform her new boyfriend Kofi Owusu which he decided to pay her price but the family of Akosua did not agree but rather want her to give birth before, He then perform the knocking according to the father of Akosua.

In Akosua’s response to¬†Osman allegation, she was dating him before Kofi Owusu ask her hands in a relationship which she didn’t know she was pregnant.


I dating Osman before started with Kofi Owusu and i don’t know i was pregnant so since the sign appear to be on Osman’s hand, i will give the baby to him

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