Shocker As Woman Recently Got Married At The Age Of 55 Years As A Virgin-[SEE PHOTOS]

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A lady by name Esther Bamiloye has explained how she got married recently in Osun State at the age of 55 years as a virgin.

While answering questions from Punch Newspaper, she revealed that she never dated anyone in her life time before she met her husband.

She also revealed that her husband Isaac Bakare, who is 62 years old had never been married.

Esther said their marriage was a divine arrangement of God as such the issue of child birth will not be a problem for both of them.

The lady also explained that much pressure was mounted on her from family, friends and neighbors but she kept on believing in God.

There are many lessons the youths of this generation should learn from Evangelist Esther who choosed to maintain her chastity despite the immorality that is now thriving in the world.

The era we are living in called ” the computer age” has made actions and decisions that were once regarded as being against the norms and values of the African tradition to be accepted as normal ways of life.


Esther is an example to be emulated.

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