“She Can’t Sit ”: Reactions As Heartbreaking Video Of A Kid Teacher Allegedly Damaged Buttocks With Canes Causes Stir On Social Media- [WATCH VIDEO]

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In the African setting, disciplinary actions are normally associated with some levels of corporal punishment for which the use of canes are common in especially schools and other learning centers.It is believed that, the pain inflicted in the body parts of the culprit will prevent him t her from repeating same wrong another time.

In line with the regulations laid down by the Ghana Education Service with respect with the use of cane, the maximum one can give out is six, bring it a serous crime and must be justified if not, then there is no need to use a cane on any student.



Reporting from Connect FM, a member of the TV3 news group via their official twitter page is a news of a teacher who lashed a 15 year old girl mercilessly and has caused her inability to sit for even a second and his reason was not made available anyway. The incident happened at Half Assini in the Western Region. Speaking with the father of the culprit, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions taken by the tutor as he added that, the girl being his child has never received such lashes from him since he begot her. He has reported the case to the police service and has been given a medical form to seek treatment from the hospital. The girl is currently being under treatment.

This news has caught the attention and reactions of many as they expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment in teachers of today. Many were pushing for his arrest for which it has not been stated in the news or by the father that the teacher has been arrested. Find below some of the reactions I gathered:

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Watch via the provided link below a video provided by connect fm of the alleged incident:



What is your opinion about the teachers action? If even it is justified should he have gone to this extent?



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