See What This Young Boy Is Doing To A Slay Queen At A Night That Caught Peoples Attention-[VIDEO +PHOTOS]

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Wahala no dey finish oo, everyday is a new day for a new viral video and sometimes the unthinkable things people do in a viral videos are mind bursting. A new viral video which is currently circulating on Instagram sees a very young boy who can be say to be in his teens spraying money on a a slay queen at a night club as he sucks her “melons” in that viral video.


How can these same people who are supposed to be the future leaders of this country be doing such an unthinkable act publicly and I wonder how a beautiful lady (slay queen) who can be said to be between her 20s-30s allow herself to be mishandle publicly all because of money. In the video, the slay queen is seen collecting the money and giving it to her friend standing beside her as she allows the boy to mishandle her huge “melons” publicly.



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