See What This Group Of SHS Girls Were Caught Doing On Their School Campus-[WATCH VIDEO]

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This issue of Senior High School girls going viral in videos seemingly tw3rking is becoming something that needs to really attended to immediately. Anytime such issues arise, the question that pops up in the minds of people first is as to whether there are teachers around on campus or not as these things happen.

Another video of some SHS girls spotted in a group were caught on camera tw3rking very seriously. It seems these students were having something sort of a dancing rehearsal in the Halls of residence on campus. Some of them were seen in their uniform whereas the others were wearing other attires with something else on them to also identify their schools. Whiles, they are being expected to be paying adequate attention to their studies at this stage of their lives, we surprisingly see them do something else on campus.

Do these students get punished at all for these kinds of things they do? Let us be guided that such acts together with several others contribute to bringing bad names to schools and most parents after watching this video would never want their children to attend such institutions anytime they may be looking for schools for their children.

This is something that is really becoming a great source of concern to most people as the rate at which future leaders are misusing social media is becoming too much. They were seen dancing to the hit song, “over” as they arranged themselves on a staircase and were seen giving serious tw3rks as well.


Most of these children currently have exams to write but instead of them concentrating on their studies, they are now trying to tw3rk after seeing several others do it on social media where a lot of criticisms were given to them. They still went on to do the video since aside the criticisms, those individuals gain fame alongside in the process. This is believed to be one major reason for the youth doing what they are recently seen doing.

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