See What These Kids Said After Being Caught And Handcuffed For Stealing-[WATCH VIDEO]

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It lift hearts to know that theft carried out by children are masterminded by adults who seems useless and do not know what to do.

A clear instance is what PAULLINGUAL.COM has convened for our cherished readers.

It is sad as children handcuffed for stealing and the explanation they gave for doing that is not their doing.

We have chanced on a disturbing video of some children who have been handcuffed after they were caught stealing.

The unidentified kids below the ages of 10 could be seen sitting on the ground shirtless, and some of them confessed stealing after their elderly partner asked them to steal money at Aboki during an interrogation.

According to one of the boys, when they are asked by the mother where they got the monies from, their leader lies to them that they worked for it.


Kids handcuffed for stealing

Watch the video below;


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