See What Happens To Your Body And Private Parts When You Haven’t Had S3x In A Long Time-[CHECK OUT]

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There are a number of healthy benefits to having s3x. In addition to a rush of pleasure (the cl!tor!s doesn’t have thousands of nerve endings for nothing!), s3x also burns calories, reduces stress, and even acts as a natural pain reliever.


But married, single, or anything in between we all go through dry spells now and then, and you may be wondering what happens to the v@g!na when you’re not getting it on every night.

It seems as if s3xual activity contributes positively to your body’s immune function.The flip side, unfortunately, is that if you’re not getting busy regularly, then you’re not getting those benefits, and you may be ever so slightly more prone to illnesses and infections that your immune system would otherwise block.

it was reported that good s3x seemed to protect women from heart conditions (like hypertension and rapid heart rate) later in life. All of those good feels that accompany a good romp do wonders for the heart, apparently.

Without regular intercourse, your vagina can tighten and its tissues can get thinner and be more likely to get injured, tear, or even bleed during s3x. This can be so uncomfortable that women with these symptoms avoid having s3x, which can make it worse.


It’s a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. So in order to avoid the above effects of lack of s3x, make sure you’re getting some as soon as you’re ready.


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