See What A Pastor Did To This Lady All In The Name Of Deliverance -[WATCH ]

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The Bible categorically stated that when the end time is drawing, one of the signs will be that, false or fake Prophets will come pretending to be called from God. And it is up to Christians to study amongst such self acclaimed men of God and differentiate between them since, “By their deeds, you will know them”.

A picture making rounds on social media gives credence to the allegations and conclusion that religion has led to mental slavery. Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian politician, has made this point over and over again. He has been vindicated by this photo.


The photo captures a church setting and right Infront of the audience, a pastor was spotted delivering or praying for a woman in a most unusual and strange way. The Pastor placed a heavy church speaker on the woman. The worse part was that, the pastor added his weight to that of the speaker by sitting on the speaker which is on the woman.


Interestingly, another man was standing elsewhere laughing at the rather scary scene. See photo.

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